Cascade Gardens - Cairns, Queensland, 4870, Australia

Relaxing afternoon in Cascade Gardens

There are always that moment when the holidays are through but winter still drags on, making you go daydreaming about another holiday escape. Because daily life can really get so stressful and demanding, you surely need some idyllic and beautiful place to unwind and break out of your routine so that you can always stay refreshed and ready to face another day-to-day challenge in life.

Travelling to a wonderful place like Cairns in Australia serves as one of the most ideal ways to free yourself from life’s everyday stress and allow you to have enough relaxation and an extraordinary experience. From stunning beaches and lush rainforests to the bustling markets and delightful dining culture, this city is definitely a holiday haven that will make your trip an experience of a lifetime.

Addressing the need for a comfortable and restful holiday residence for visitors in Cairns, Cascade Gardens offers spacious and well-equipped holiday apartments, plus modern facilities and conveniences to make your stay more pleasant and relaxing.

Our Cairns Holiday Apartments allows guests to maximise their holiday experience in Cairns, especially that it’s ideally located near the most exciting tourist spots including its range of international restaurants and cafés, with spectacular beaches and verdant rainforests just a short drive away from our place.

But if you choose to spend a lazy and more relaxing afternoon, our Cairns Holiday Apartments also houses modern facilities designed to make your stay totally relaxed and pleasurable. We have our sparkling lagoon-style outdoor swimming pool for you to take a refreshing swim, or you can also just soak yourself in our spa and relieve your stressed and tired muscles.

We offer well-appointed and spacious apartment units that come with fully furnished kitchenette, bathroom and balcony where you can enjoy great views outside.

Start planning another holiday trip now and make Cairns your next holiday haven.

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