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Celebrate a fun and festive Chinese New Year

As we mark another year in the Chinese calendar soon, Cairns is also celebrating this special occasion with the Chinese community and the rest of the city in a fun and festive gathering all month of February.

Let’s all bring in some positive vibes and usher in a glorious new year as we celebrate the start of the Year of the Sheep. Welcome the Chinese New Year in Cairns by joining the community with fantastic and spectacular celebrations such as the hot air balloon festival happening daily from 6 to 23 February.

Throughout the month of February, Cairns will be witnessing an exciting Chinese New Year celebration at dawn with a hot air balloon spectacle. Attracting prosperity throughout the year, this festival of balloons will be symbolic of the colourful and cheerful year ahead for all of us.

Get together with the entire Cairns community in celebrating the Chinese New Year. Be there during the first light of dawn and watch the awesome colours displaying in the beautiful skyline. The fantastic and colourful flotilla of up to 10 balloons hanging in the airwill surely be a delight for your eyes.

The hot air balloon show will begin just before the sun rises with the marvellous balloon inflation exhibition.

Don’t miss this exciting event in Cairns. Visitors will also have a great experience during this month of February witnessing this spectacular event and exploring the rest of the city and its neighbouring towns. Secure an early booking now and make sure to find cosy and nice accommodations in the city such as Cascade Gardens. Our Cairns Holiday Accommodation are located near the festivities and events venue.

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