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Join the Feast of the Senses

The North Queensland region is teeming with glorious natural wonders, making it a holiday haven for many people from all over the world. Aside from its beautiful natural landscape and amazing attractions, this part of Queensland is also rich with agricultural produce which makes it a great destination for those seeking a great food adventure.

Celebrating the bounty of its agricultural products, North Queensland gathers the entire community and tourists for the great Tropical Fiesta known as the Feast of the Senses.

The Feast of the Senses allows you to discover the different tastes, sights, smells, and sounds in the North Queensland region.

Featuring a great variety of unique and exotic fruits, the Feast of the Senses also showcases its impressive array of other produce such as meat, seafood, herbs, spices and wine.

Head over to the wonderful Cassowary Coast, which is 90 kilometres south of Cairns, on 21 to 29 March to celebrate this week-long tropical food festival and enjoy a genuine smorgasbord of fine food. The crowd can delight in the freshest produce and an array of food cultures in Tropical North Queensland.

The Feast of the Senses also gives emphasis on the tropical produce to be featured throughout festival. Making this 10-day festival more exciting, everyone can also enjoy seeing, touching, tasting, and smelling the delightful fruit and all the scrumptious food that this lively and agriculturally rich region has plenty with.

This annual festival does not only have food events, but you can also enjoy farm trails, art, photography, cooking competitions to wrap up the festival, there will be a huge Market Day Extravaganza where you can delight in North Queensland’s local produce.

Enjoy different events including the International Food Fare, Bush Poets Breakfast, Hawking the Chalk, and food trails, among others.

Experience this one of a kind celebration of food and culture in the this region. Visitors coming to the region for this event can also find a great selection of holiday accommodations such as Cascade Gardens. Our Cairns Holiday Accommodation is located near the event venue as well as other famous attractions in the region.

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